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Embrace the Future of Home Energy Management with Span.

Greenway is your trusted Certified Span Smart Panel Installer in Minnesota. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and superior service makes us the ideal partner for your Span Panel installation.

Certified to Install:


Game-changing Smart Electrical Panel.

The Span Panel is a transformative smart electrical panel engineered to radically upgrade your home energy management. Acting as the central nervous system of your home's electrical framework, it transcends the limitations of standard panels. By synchronizing with your home appliances, it grants you an extraordinary degree of control and fine-tuning over your energy consumption.

Intelligent Energy Management

Span Panel provides real-time control over your energy use, optimizing consumption for cost savings and sustainability.

Seamless Integration

Designed to sync effortlessly with home devices, solar panels, and battery systems, Span Panel unifies your home into a smart energy hub.

Backup Power Customization

Span Panel lets you prioritize power supply to essential appliances during outages, keeping critical systems running.

Mobile App Access

Through the Span mobile app, monitor and adjust your home's energy settings from anywhere, anytime.

Switch to the Next-level Technology.

Our team of experts are trained to execute the installation seamlessly, integrating the Span Panel into your home’s current electrical and solar systems. Reach out to us today and discover how the Span Smart Panel can revolutionize your home energy system.