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Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Sustainability with Premium Solar Panels.

Be it a home seeking energy independence or a business aiming for sustainable operations, choosing premium solar panels is a decision that offers tangible benefits.

Smart Investment: Premium Panels Deliver Superior Results

Choose Greenway, the first certified installer of Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall in the Midwest. Our team, with its robust training and extensive experience, ensures seamless integration of Enphase Batteries and Tesla Powerwall with your unique photovoltaic systems.

Higher Module Efficiency and Superior Yield

Premium solar panels offer top-tier efficiency, converting more sunlight into usable energy for your home. This results in a superior energy yield and maximizes your return on investment.

Optimal Yields in All Weather Conditions

These high-quality panels are designed to provide optimal energy yields in varying weather conditions, from bright sunny days to overcast skies.

Durable Construction and Product Longevity

Equipped with high-quality aluminum alloy frames, these panels are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring their longevity and continued performance.


Seamlessly Integrates with Your Roof for Aesthetical Appeal.

Aesthetically pleasing, these premium solar panels are designed to seamlessly blend with your home's architecture, adding a touch of modern elegance.


ROI, Incentives, and Financing

Going solar is more affordable than ever with attractive incentives and financing options available. Greenway Solar works with you to explore these options and help you make the most out of your solar investment.

Find a Reliable Partner for Residential and Commercial Solar Installations.

Go green and save money today with Greenway. Reach out to us for more information on our competitive prices and incentives, and experience the difference of industry-leading customer service.